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Winston Churchill Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill known by the name Winston Churchill. He was born November 30, ; he then died January 24, Winston was born into the aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough.

From the age two to the age six he lived in Dublin where his grandfather had been appointed Viceroy. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, one of the greatest prime ministers of Great Britain and Nobel laureate for literature, was born on November 30,in Oxfordshire.

Mental health history including asylum and community care periods and consumer accounts. Sir Winston Churchill Essay - Winston Churchill had many accomplishments during his life.

He was a remarkable politician but also a great solider, speech writer, and artist. He was considered one of the best politicians and speech writers of both his time and ours.

He was born into the upper class but was able to sympathize with the poor and. SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL (), British leader. English on his father's side, American on his mother's, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill embodied and expressed the double vitality and the national qualities of both peoples.

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Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (Woodstock, 30 november – Londen, 24 januari ) was de Britse staatsman die als premier van tot Hitler weerstond en daarmee een beslissende rol in diens ondergang en de geallieerde overwinning heeft gespeeld.

Het lukte hem de Britse oorlogsinspanning op peil te krijgen en de .

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