Essay on indian national flag in english

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Importance of National Flag Essay

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National Flag of India

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It is a more recognized symbol that stands for feeling, and freedom. The Bulgarian national flag is a tri-colour. 2. When the National Flag is hoisted, the saffron band should be on the top and the green band should be at the lower side.

3. When some other flags are to be hoisted along with the National Flag, these should be on the left side of the Flag. The National Flag should fly higher and there should be no flag to its right. 4.

Essay on National Flag in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

The National Flag is an emblem of national dignity. It is hoisted on special national days such as Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc.

It is hoisted in all important government buildings. We are proud of our national flag.

Essay on the Indian National Flag

The design of the national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22 July On the Independence Day and Republic day, our national flag is unfurled on the Red Fort, government offices, private offices.

The flag is flown by the government official, but usually can also be flown by citizens of the country. Both public and private buildings such as schools and courthouses may hoist the national flag.

Historically, flags originate as military standards, used as field signs. The flag is flown by the government official, but usually can also be flown by citizens of the country.

Both public and private buildings such as schools and courthouses may hoist the national flag. Historically, flags originate as military standards, used as field signs. Indian national flag came into being on July 22 After India was free from British rule on 15th August,it adopted its own national flag.

Our national flag consists of three colours. They are saffron, white and green. In the centre of white band there is an "Ashoka Chakra". It has 24 spokes. Our flag is the symbol .

Essay on indian national flag in english
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