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Reply. Unknown 25/10 famous questions BA English how can we apply SQ3RR method while preparing BA Exams BA English letters to the editor BA English modern essay BA English modern essay Hosts and Guests By Max Beerbohm Punjab university BA English modern essay The Vitamins by Dr.

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Pakistan and the Modern World by Liaqat Ali Khan When the English government decided to quit from sub-continent, Hindus were ready to capture the reign after the departure of British.

So for the Muslims, freedom from British rule was nothing but a change of masters. A note on the essay "Eclipse" ‘The Eclipse’ is a well-written essay. Notes B.a English Language Punjab University Lahore.

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Important for Preparation of BA English Paper A. B.A Modern Essay (Punjab University Lahore) BA English Notes Plays. Notes Novel Old Man and Sea. B a Notes. BA English Poems & the Old Man and the Sea. Documents Similar To BA: Notes on Modern English Essays. Essays. Uploaded by/5(42). 4rth year English Notes Modern English Essays.

By admin On October 3, In B.A Notes, Easy Notes & MCQS 4 Comments. B.A. English Modern Essays Notes; BA English Notes: “The Old man and the Sea”. Notes for BA English Punjab University Tuesday, 17 January Pakistan and the Modern World Liaquat Ali Khan. Pakistan and the Modern World.

Q. No. 1: What were the differences between the Hindus and the Muslims? Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan. On a visit to U.S.A he addressed the Americans in the University of.

B.a english notes modern essay
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BA English Notes,PU,UoS,IUB: BA English Modern Essay'My Grandfather' by WB Yeats