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Alternating current is when current flows in one direction for a set time, then changes direction, then changes back, and so on in a repeating cycle.

Vol. II - Alternating Current (AC)

The alternating motion is most commonly in the form of a sinusoidal wave, but it can also be square or triangular. Feb 04,  · Free Essays on Ac Circuits Lab Report. Use our research documents to help you learn 1 - AC and DC literally stand for Alternating Current and Direct Current.

Direct Current is very convenient and is used in many modern day utilities. For a circuit with DC the current is constanly in one direction, while the voltage remains constant.

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Oscilloscope Essay AC Circuits. Oscilloscope Arjun Patel Group: 2 Partner: Hirbod B. Partner: Wonyoung RECTIFICATION Alternating current periodically changes direction, which is why it is called alternating current. Direct current, on the other hand, maintains one direction or polarity of current.

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Order now First I am going to explain what a circuit is and what the differences they have are.

Ac circuits essay
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